• Draw_Me

    by Kay & Kit

    Draw_Me is a web-comics about two schoolboys (athlete and artist) and their friends. Genres: shounen-ai (BL), comedy, drama, school.

    friends, Comedy

  • Relatable Doodles

    by Relatable Doodles

    Relatable-y, awkward comics (featuring frogs) about the ups and downs of everyday life. Just a lot of frog comics. Frog.

    friends, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Something About Us

    by Lee Yunji

    They consider themselves the best of friends... but that's not how everyone sees them. He's a friend who's a boy. She's a friend who's a girl. That's ...

    friends, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Friends till Death

    by Milk-Assassin

    UPDATES EVERY SUNDAY. BL comic. A dark comedy drama with elements of combat about friendship, teenage problems and unholy creatures. Support FTD h...

    friends, Horror, BL, Drama

  • Names

    by edoshishi

    The story will be updated as soon as I will be able to recover my drawing hand and manage some free time, so please be patient. Thanks for the support...

    friends, Slice of life

  • Heavy Lies the Crown

    by Pan

    There's only a few months left until Nikhil's execution. Jet Cho is running out of time and options, and his brother's impending death draws closer...

    friends, BL, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama

  • Wawawiwa

    by Wawawiwa!

    Feel good comics with adorable characters like food, animals, objects and more!

    friends, Slice of life

  • 4amShower

    by Guy Kopsombut

    4amShower is the happiest comic you'll read! On top of laughing, you'll get your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, happiness and love :)

    friends, Slice of life

  • Fascist Friends

    by Erin Lux

    Finn spent his life dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, but things change when he accidentally enrolls as a fascist major at a boarding high scho...

    friends, Comedy

  • Camp 5O

    by Evie

    Idiots in love. SLOW burn. Kai is the director of Camp 5O, single father Danny does not approve of his teaching methods (and he's not afraid to let Ka...

    friends, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

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