• four corners

    by boniae

    Set in 1995, Yokohama, the comic follows Kazuhiro Tsuchiya who now leads his deceased brother's legendary gang, the Four Corners. Kazuhiro is approach...

    gangs, BL, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • The Dealer's Notes

    by Crystal Pandita

    The adventures from the notes of a famously known drug dealer who calls himself Alexis Jensen. He explores and discovers crime families and gangs in t...

    gangs, Drama

  • E-Depth Angel

    by Mayshing

    Angel, a young hired nurse, finds herself caught in a militant cyborg family’s power struggle. She must convince these super weapon reverse Pinocchios...

    gangs, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • My Little Masochist

    by RainbowMochhi

    Drew is just a normal teenage boy. A normal, 5'3, gay teenage boy. Yay Asian genes. He's been bullied all his life, and hasn't really minded, but w...

    gangs, BL, LGBTQ+, Action

  • Puppy love

    by kat

    Iris is an innocent boy minding his own business except he catches the eye of popular Adrien the superstar of the school, who may or may not have a bi...

    gangs, BL

  • Breakerland

    by Cawbird

    BREAKERLAND follows Beck, a young construction worker who, through a series of reckless decisions, finds himself sliding deeper and deeper into the vi...

    gangs, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Angel Glass

    by Bells

    The story follows Tachibana Midori, a first year at Asari high school, and the budding relationship between her and the "Guardian Angel" of the school...

    gangs, Romance

  • A Mobster’s Soul

    by Swaejin

    Florence had always done her best to live the most normal, uneventful and honest life she could, more than happy to float under the radar. And for the...

    gangs, Romance, GL, Mystery

  • Swallow us

    by Nahera

    HIATUS!! You don't just confess your true feelings to your best friend and expect a happy ending. In a world heading towards a dystopian c...

    gangs, BL, Drama, Mystery

  • Cutthroat Unity

    by CaptainEverred

    (BL Story! Enemies-to-Lovers!) Kiley Byrd, a brave 17 year old with a past criminal life in the Black Angels gang is now taking care of his little br...

    gangs, Romance

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