• God Of Chaos

    by Papadamn

    Updates every Saturday! LGBTQ+ Looks, money, nobility and supernatural powers... Soerien is someone who has it all. Despite all that, Soerien has ...

    gay_protagonist, Fantasy

  • Through the Fireless Flames

    by HexingPlants

    Zere has to overcome a lot, just like anyone in their mid-twenties. He has to talk to his mother about his job prospects, navigate through emotionally...

    gay_protagonist, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Anstatica

    by raeguard

    Emyr Rosenrote just wanted to live out his un-life in peace. Funny how that works out. An lgbt comic about mistakes made and choosing your own path,...

    gay_protagonist, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy