• Miracle Road

    by ONAT

    Miracle-Road a place where a group of friends, running an old roadside inn located somewhere in the outskirt of the city walls. they have to deal ...

    gender_bender, Comedy

  • Devil-Me

    by Poochigo

    Tajima, an unfortunate boy living under unfortunate circumstances, meets a mischievous sadistic little devil (Kai) who has been sealed-away. Delighted...

    gender_bender, Fantasy

  • Sweet Advance2 (old)

    by Astro-Sprout

    (BL series) Alastor jokingly makes a wish that ends up turning him into a girl. His best friend, Callum, thinks this change is an interesting opportu...

    gender_bender, Romance

  • My Cute Girlfriend

    by Azul Crescent

    A girl confessed to a girl, who turns out to be biologically male. But she still likes her anyway! This is their story. Art and story by Azul Crescent...

    gender_bender, Romance

  • Father's Daughter

    by marigooose

    Despite years of meeting her parents' expectations by doing well at school and being a "good daughter," Aiko finds herself home alone most nights. Aft...

    gender_bender, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Fire Burning

    by bafflinghaze

    M/M, Trans Male MC, Elemental Magic | Khai suppresses his fire, pretends to be who he’s not. For when people look at Khai, they see a girl named Mai. ...

    gender_bender, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • She's cute for a demon but . . .

    by E1

    What is a boy to do when a beautiful girl asks for his soul? A) Ask her at what price. B) Let her! It's not like you'll get this chance again!! C) ...

    gender_bender, Comedy

  • The Legend of Fanaura

    by Enajori Yui

    She was the chosen one to end the war between the Goddesses when they were supposed to take care of the world balance. Refused to be the pawn of the G...

    gender_bender, Fantasy

  • Demon Blade

    by Imbriaarts

    When a young boy with a dark past falls upon a cursed sword, he is stuck with the demon girl whose soul is trapped within. The two must find a way to ...

    gender_bender, Action, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • Please Save'em

    by CursedCyborg

    This crappy love story follows, Terry, a guy in the middle of a harem that he never wanted. Rikki an ex-problem child with a abusive family. They are ...

    gender_bender, Romance

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