• Wish!!

    by Narukiel

    If you had the chance to wish for anything in the world..what would you wish for?Maybe a chance with the guy you like? A ridiculously silly love story...

    genderbend, Romance

  • Snapshot

    by Alrathi

    Cut off from his father's bank account, Tyler sets out on a quest to find a new ticket to the easy life. Along the way, the spoiled high schooler ...

    genderbend, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Stupid Story Bonus

    by Levelanix

    This is a short bonus story to my BL manga „Stupid Story“. "Alan is worried about losing Yanik. So he decides to quit basketball ...."

    genderbend, BL

  • Almost Never

    by Kyt Cordell

    UPDATES MONDAYS “Almost Never” is a comic about a porter boy who makes a pact with a sea demon to save his town from a plague. He gives the sea dem...

    genderbend, Fantasy

  • The Secret of Doctor James Barry

    by mandaPanda

    Doctor James Miranda Barry was a British military surgeon in the early 1800s who wanted to help people from all walks of life. He wasn't your everyday...

    genderbend, Action

  • Anomali Rec

    by ertdax212

    Two high school students face the problem of gender identity; Aripa Airshield and Sata Raka. They lived together and try to solve this dispute while p...

    genderbend, Drama

  • (Un)peaceful days

    by Kantoku

    Spring, cherry blossoms, a new school year and a certain junior high student that will put upside down those students' peaceful lives!

    genderbend, Slice of life

  • Daily Life With My Genderbend

    by Z666ful

    Nakamura Zee or Zee-kun is a loner since both of his parent died in a car accident. Few years of living alone something magically happened when he jus...

    genderbend, Comedy

  • I am a boy.

    by Miss Candyfloss

    The life of a pretty boy is so difficult.

    genderbend, Comedy

  • Reincarnated!?: Army Boy... Highschool girl!

    by Fallintsel

    [Monthly chapter updates!] Kyoko Haze is what arguably you would call a tomboy; she enjoys video games, often picks fights with boys every after sc...

    genderbend, Slice of life

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