• PolterGuys!

    by Zee Dino Nugget

    A BL-Horror comic: (this series is dropped... discontinued. Sorry.)

    ghosts, Horror

  • Raining Knives

    by Moth

    Dylan is haunted by ghosts he doesn't believe in. One of them is his victim - his brother. The other is a mystery. In fact, this place is full of myst...

    ghosts, Mystery


    by Mason Stark

    Max is a 14-year-old trans kid and a medium who's terrified of ghosts and demons. After ignoring the call of something otherworldly, he finds himself ...

    ghosts, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Better Off Dead

    by Jose

    No more suffering, no more pleasure. No more success and no more failure. Come on don't be sad, after all, you're Better Off Dead

    ghosts, Drama

  • Weird Sisters

    by Nat Roze

    PERMANENT HIATUS (SORRY) It's sorority rush season! Come and join Psi Chi Kappa! We're a normal sorority, just like you -- no demon summoning here, n...

    ghosts, Slice of life

  • Erie Waters

    by Joanne Kwan

    [Complete] The waters of Lake Erie hold many secrets, but what truly lies at the bottom is lost to history. That is until an average unassuming guy st...

    ghosts, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Heroes of Thantopolis

    by Strontium

    Cyrus doesn't remember anything, but he's certain he's alive - making his arrival in Thantopolis, the City of the Dead, especially strange. Queen Hele...

    ghosts, Fantasy

  • PARA-Professional

    by MatJester

    Darkness is a scary thing. It masks the mysteries that lurk just beyond our view. Follow two amateur ghost hunters as they glimpse into these myster...

    ghosts, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • When the Stars Misalign

    by Yuuike

    After six former childhood friends reunite in high school, Elyse and Jhyn encounters a girl that only they can see. Although the mysterious girl has n...

    ghosts, Romance

  • NINA

    by Oochami

    Nina has a new friend, Gina an enthusiastic girl, but that friendship can bring her some problems when Gina discovers something in her new friend's ho...

    ghosts, Mystery

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