• Puzzling

    by Shihho

    How to process the puzzling situations of life as a couple? Existence is much more than romance and drama... Lovey-dovey filter OUT! "Puzzling" is a...

    girl_x_girl, Slice of life

  • (GL) Us Right Now

    by YURINE

    Read RIGHT to LEFT. Rina's long-term girlfriend, Noa, decides to run away from home. Rina has limited time to find her if she wants to continue the r...

    girl_x_girl, Romance, Drama, GL

  • Sapphic Love

    by Sonya Starling

    Synopsis: Two young women discover and explore the sensuality of their bodies together, in a taboo, forbidden, and also thrilling affair. [ Disco...

    girl_x_girl, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Accidental Ladykiller (GL)

    by Blue Calixto

    READ LEFT TO RIGHT! -TURN OFF AD-BLOcK PLEASE <3 .- Story about an all girls school runned by nuns. After unexpected events Jo sees herself surround...

    girl_x_girl, Romance

  • Butterfly (GL)

    by InsaneSoldier

    Charity and Ciara are childhood friends and they've always been inseparable despite the noticeable differences—Charity's the library girl while Ciara'...

    girl_x_girl, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Spaghetti

    by AirheadedIan

    The adventure in Love Kitchen: How to cook Spaghetti. New chapter every month XD

    girl_x_girl, Romance

  • My Cute Ghost Room Mate

    by Savvy

    This is the story about a young woman moving into her very first house. Except, it's haunted! By a... Rather cute ghost, at that. [ Girl x Girl ]

    girl_x_girl, Romance

  • Her First

    by leonfudo

    Mara always was a giant with love for archery and cute girls. Her life was pretty normal until the most popular girl in school demanded her to be her ...

    girl_x_girl, Romance

  • Comfort Me (InoSaku oneshot)

    by Yrya-chan

    Sasuke has been gone for a long time and Sakura is feeling so lonely... Fortunately, Ino is here for her! [WARNING: This is a shoujo-ai/yuri fanfic...

    girl_x_girl, GL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Wine of Dreams (2016)

    by Obelis

    Temple maiden Utre has god-given power to create dreams. The misuse of her power has caused sorrow to many, but now it seems to be making the sun godd...

    girl_x_girl, Fantasy

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