• glasses

    by mai

    some comics about my dumbassery (ignore the cover that was in my weeb phase)

    Slice of life

  • Glassyar

    by Rose Apple Art

    It's a short pilot for a longer comic


  • Glass

    by b.nnie.doll

    (Warning! This comic contains gore and some touchy subjects!) Odd occurrences start to happen to a group of friends after they attend a mythology clas...


  • Glasslips

    by Thayme Rosyane

    This is an AU made by me to create a Romance between Nagito Komaeda of Dangaronpa 2 - Goodbye Despair and Shuichi Saihara - Dangaronpa v3 - Killing Ha...

    Glasslips, Romance, BL, Mystery

  • Glassbox

    by Hexephre

    Mati, an apprentice of the Shadows, is on their final mission to steal the Glassbox and become the next Lord of Shadows. But what will they do when th...


  • Glass Slipper

    by olafelle

    In which they try to find the nameless yet beautiful maid who kissed a prince and then made a run for it. *All images belong to their rightful owne...


  • Shattered Glass

    by thatgirlwiththehats

    The Shattered Glass Chronicles are a series of short comics that follow the adventures of Or the Paladin and friends. Set in a DnD universe.


  • Blue Glass

    by Heartbreakheaven

    This is a story of heartache, of pain and of suffering. All due to a mistake thousands of years ago, the following is a result of that mistake. Read t...


  • Tainted Glass

    by Sh’Nookie

    When a war between the gods and a brute race breaks out, each side decides to make a weapon to win through sick measures, but what they weren’t expect...

    Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Glass Gods

    by Yamakazzii

    In the beginning, there was the world. On that world there's a man. He has no name, no idea of who he is, and no idea why he is there. Time moves arou...

    glass, Action, Fantasy

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