• Glass Walls

    by HappiEndings

    What would it be like to read someone's mind? To see how they really felt, what they'd really done, who they really were. How it would impact you psyc...


  • Glass Sight

    by silentscarlettt

    As if by fate or luck, or maybe the simple strangeness of an encounter, Ying Yun was bound; a simple contract with a simple clause to pretend to be a ...


  • Shimmering Glass

    by Skylar Grant

    Going into the mind of a woman who have outgrown their days in the city and even the town, however, the coming back into the area has caused a moment...

    Fantasy, Action, Slice of life

  • Glass's Edge

    by ScarletDemon

    How are they doing this? So many things...gone and all that we've found are these mushrooms. How can I find them? How can I stop them? What can I do? ...

    BL, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Broken Glass

    by Amethyst Iris

    Every glass object breaks differently when shattered into pieces. The same goes towards people, each can be broken differently beyond repair. However,...


  • Sea Glass

    by Anna Mao

    Isra the pirate captain goes out to plunder a ship, but her plan doesn't turn out like she expected when she encounters a mysterious woman in her way....

    GL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Magnifying Glass

    by escural

    A very random novel


  • Glass Rose

    by JazFry

    A young hero emerges in the human realm of Manua. Soon there will be a battle between the realm of Manua and the Fairy realm. Will the young hero Will...

    Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery

  • Glass Magnolias

    by Diipy

    In a world where gods walk among mortals, a dark figure rises to take power that everyone posses. Now it is up to Elise, Declan, and Oliver to stop th...


  • Glass Gems

    by CleverTRON

    What would you do if you lost what was most precious to you?


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