• Bottled Up

    by TamarinFrog

    Welcome to Maalja. A world where everything and everyone revolve around a magical liquid called nectar. But how does their society acquire nectar, whe...

    glass, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Glass Sword

    by Ayla

    A guild of monsterfolk misfits bent on saving monsters of all types find themselves in a bad spot when a moody spirit caged in a crystaline sword conv...

    glass, Fantasy

  • Castle of Glass ( ガラスの城)

    by cloudstrife74

    When Hatsu Mamoru notices a gang running around town lead by a masked boy he begins to get suspicious. However behind his back his older brother seems...

    glass, Action

  • TriRealm Universe: The Merlin Paradox

    by Isobel Lynx

    (under revisions) Merlin has gone missing and the only person who knows where has amnesia. Teenage Ruby is on the run for a crime he doesn't reme...

    glass, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Glass Skin

    by Lennlish

    Short warmup comic I did to relax a bit. On scars, expectations of femininity and feeling like a stranger in your own body.

    glass, Slice of life

  • Stained Glass

    by seketsu99

    it was cold, so we built a fire it was silent, so we brought guitars it was sad, so we laughed and as the sun went down it came through y...

    glass, Slice of life

  • Black Light

    by Grinn

    Contracts are an ancient phenomenon that grant many people wonderful abilities often with terrible drawbacks. When someone known only as Exodus exploi...

    glass, Fantasy

  • Glass Gods

    by Yamakazzii

    In the beginning, there was the world. On that world there's a man. He has no name, no idea of who he is, and no idea why he is there. Time moves arou...

    glass, Action, Fantasy

  • Size 6 Fits?

    by Aui Firaq

    Emma lives with her mentally absent father, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's sister. To sum up, his girlfriend is Emma's age, and the sister is...

    glass, Comedy

  • Fractured

    by Cryogenic

    Sean Carver is a retired detective in New York, and he isn't who he used to be. Unfortunately for him; the life of a detective is never over, as he is...

    glass, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror