• The Soulmate System

    by writerkid101

    [ A VERY Slow-Burn, LGBT+ Soulmates Romance ] Dylan Matthews never wants to meet his Soulmate. So, when the inevitable finally happens, he expects to...

    glow, BL, Romance, Slice of life

  • Neon Glow

    by AlkseeyaKC

    Jake and Zedof work together catching radioactive ghost animals called neons.

    glow, Romance, BL, Action

  • Unveiled

    by Burgin Lewis

    When Riley Thornton falls in a river, she discovers another world. Riley Thornton is an 18-year-old student who moves from Oklahoma to Ohio to star...

    glow, Fantasy

  • Giants' Well

    by Scott A. Ford

    Led only by a cat, a ghostly woman, and the light of his own torch, the old caretaker begins his routine descent down the well. Follow their journey t...

    glow, Fantasy

  • Missing Queen/King

    by Jojoline Carlin

    A queen runs away and comes back as a king. A story about (friend)ships and changes, about a queen in a magic world that doesn't understand what it me...

    glow, Drama

  • Black Light

    by Grinn

    Contracts are an ancient phenomenon that grant many people wonderful abilities often with terrible drawbacks. When someone known only as Exodus exploi...

    glow, Fantasy

  • Ted-Regicide Tournament

    by SteedAngus

    Ted, the glowing punching punchout puncher, is a fist-firing, cannon collider with a special ability to glow. That's really it. He has potential to be...

    glow, Fantasy

  • Glow

    by Pinappappapple

    Ahi is the last surviving fire sprite in a magical world consumed by darkness. He is their last hope. Will he be enough?

    glow, Fantasy

  • Prisma Planet

    by smenia

    a story about the lives of influencers working in a cosmetics company

    glow, Romance, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Prism

    by A.J.CosArt

    Eine verlorene Welt nahm ihr Ende und eine perfekte Gesellschaft stieg aus ihr empor. Keine Krankheiten, kein Rassismus, keine Armut, keine Verbrechen...

    glow, Science fiction