by The Art of Florence

    Ren is an agender young adult with a penchant for recklessness. Lena is an illegal android fleeing from persecution and destruction. A chance meeting ...

    government, Drama

  • Vampires For Life???

    by PumpkinFuneral

    In 100 years the earth will be consumed in a catastrophic explosion. This, however, isn't a problem for the human race, having started a law against c...

    government, Horror

  • Memory

    by HollowEve

    At Robin Thrush's Ability Academy, students like Hunter should feel safe to learn about their unique gifts. Except there's always the looming dread of...

    government, Fantasy

  • The Black Wall

    by John Kratky

    Hank Mitchum is a drifter. Years after he fought in the Middle Eastern wars, he has travelled from state to state trying to find a home. After his m...

    government, Drama

  • Red Palaver

    by Kecap Asin

    Rein gets a new job as photographer at famous press in Rosewell to make living for him and his brother. He ends up to be paired with an eccentric jour...

    government, Drama

  • Rise Outstanding - Comic

    by dairyfiend

    Will be continued in novel form here! https://www.wattpad.com/469536942-rise-outstanding-chapter-1-last-words Aryanna and Avi are twins. With their p...

    government, Drama

  • Grey

    by Cypreus (VS.Comics)

    Fox is driven by guilt. The world is dying as an effect of the latest chemical war. People who once fought for a cause now fight for survival. A...

    government, Science fiction

  • Mental

    by FaerieWarrior

    READS RIGHT TO LEFT!!! It’s the year 3417 and World War VI has already passed and the country that was once The United States of America was destroye...

    government, Science fiction

  • Liberty & Justice

    by Hallopino

    Liberty is suspicious of her father, General Justice. Is she going to take things into her own hands? By RP Ruffatti & Betsy Luntao

    government, Action

  • P E N D R A G O N [ malexmale ]

    by bakakamai

    One incident changed Dionnaire 'Dion' Hernandez life, landing him in the most dangerous prison in the world that even criminals feared of. Deprived wi...

    government, BL, Romance, Drama

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