• Death's Assistant

    by ferret-king

    Rowan Khatri is the Son of Death, and the youngest of the Gods. But he's living amongst mortals, having fled his world with his best friend, Graham, c...

    graham, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Cooking with Hannibal

    by stastro

    A collection of Hannibal mini-comics, based on NBC's Hannibal that I did in 2014/15...

    graham, Comedy

  • Masked Ram

    by AquariusBat

    [[INDIFENTLY ABANDONED]—sorry about that] Graham wakes up in a dark room, not feeling quite himself. Trying to pull off the Ram mask that appears t...

    graham, Horror

  • Short Stories

    by Grambo

    Shorter, one-off comics that you can read in a few minutes, think about for a few minutes, and then forget entirely (keeping your brain clear for thin...

    graham, Horror