• Stardust

    by Maciel Comics

    Stardust is a graphic novel series that explores the importance of acceptance, primarily in letting go of past events/ relationships/ circumstances, a...

    graphic_novel, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy


    by Hannes S

    On a strange planet that is entirely covered by an ultra-fast growing forest, Mara is part of a colony of humans that live in cocoon like shelters bui...

    graphic_novel, Science fiction

  • Teleport

    by Hallopino

    by R.P. Ruffatti & Moomie Swan & Xan Larson Jessica Soto is no longer waiting for the future to arrive. She is putting everything she has into crea...

    graphic_novel, Science fiction

  • Kings Club

    by AmeliaP

    WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT +18 ENGLISH SPEAKER (PRO) EDITOR FROM CHAPTER 5 ONWARD. Self-contained Graphic Novel. A Sicilian mafia boss' daughter started...

    graphic_novel, Drama

  • Killer On The Roof

    by D. Bradford Gambles

    In the quiet town of Claris Hills, little Bobby McMillan lives a pleasant, average life with his father and his best friend Ravi. But when an unexpec...

    graphic_novel, Comedy

  • The Curse of Crooked Mile

    by inky_beast

    Owen Harkenwell has always believed he’s an orphan. But one day, a pair of great-uncles he never knew existed come to take him home. The only problem ...

    graphic_novel, Mystery

  • Anomalous

    by Graphic Dreamer

    Anomalous features two childhood friends, Val and Levin. Soon after his mother's passing, Val moves away with his father leaving Levin behind. The two...

    graphic_novel, Drama

  • Mythologia

    by Centrifugal Stories

    Mythologia by Centrifugal Stories is a graphic novel series introducing the authentic stories of the ancient Greek heroes. The art for the first issue...

    graphic_novel, Fantasy

  • Manu: A Graphic Novel

    by Venessa Kelley

    Manuela Villanueva doesn’t remember saving her family home from the hurricane. She doesn’t know the power and potential they sealed inside her when th...

    graphic_novel, Fantasy

  • Hell and Heaven

    by Esther Quesada

    Ryan's been annoying Esther from the very moment they met. Little she knows that their lives are dangerously tied up. After some "rendez-vous" with th...

    graphic_novel, Romance

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