• Grey

    by Cypreus (VS.Comics)

    Fox is driven by guilt. The world is dying as an effect of the latest chemical war. People who once fought for a cause now fight for survival. A...

    Science fiction

  • Greyjoy

    by Wimpos

    I am grey, and full of joy... hence my name

    greyjoy, Comedy

  • Grey

    by Wife.boy

    Grey is her name, Or at least she thinks it is..She doesn't remember much since the day she woke up in that strange river downtown, She doesn't rememb...

    grey, Fantasy


    by Chocolatez

    Zane lives in a world ravaged by demons, his city under the bloody grip of one of them. Time passes, and as few people help bring the city to glory an...


  • GREY

    by MsArtisticStuff

    Finally on her last year of high school, Naomi intends to go through her 3rd year as smoothly as possible, her routine including going to school, eat,...


  • Greyheart

    by Morcalivan

    Streak, first son of Shadowspur, is sent to witness the rise of the new Greyheart Alpha through a trial by combat. His mission is simple: use the ...


  • Greyheart

    by Meesa

    A man woke up into what seems to be another world full of monsters and horror, with a weak body and confused, only surviving and thrive becoming his f...

    Action, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Grey

    by MentalGlitch

    Updates: Mondays CET 20:00 A post-apocalyptic BL/ACE/romance/drama/fight comic! In a world where the earth is dying, the weather is unpredictable ...


  • Greybird

    by rarroee

    Fir longs to see outside, so she proposes a deal with the king. What's the deal you ask? Read every book inside the castle in exchange for 3 who...

    Romance, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Greyscale

    by sanchayasd

    The lives of four teens drastically change when they learn the truth behind the island they call home. Now that they know truth, will they be able to ...

    Mystery, Science fiction

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