• Grey

    by Kikyo

    Grey is a man from the emerald kingdom, he lives in a community of Herbivore animal people. Being the only carnivore around, when people start going m...

    BL, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Greyscale

    by Thorn

    Ever since he was a little boy, Brenn always dreamed of adventure. Once he stepped outside of the castle walls, he planned to never look back. Too bad...


  • Grey

    by ErriElistor

    What would you do if you learnt that monsters were real? Would you pretend they weren’t? Would you fight them? Would you become friends? Would you ...

    Mystery, Horror, Slice of life

  • Greyscale

    by Argio

    In another universe, there exists the world of Greyscale and that was it. Greyscale was a very drab and colorless world, absolutely none of it, if the...

    greyscale, Fantasy

  • Grey

    by *Panik attack*

    Average love story between middle school kids

    Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Into Greyville

    by Ulrich Landers

    Greyville is a place were weird things happen, and the people who live in it usually ignore it. But it's getting worse. However, this little town's...

    Greyville, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Nights of Grey

    by steveneson

    This is the story of Victor (or Vicky to his friends). A mild-mannered college student who finds himself at the center of an ominous prophecy which be...


  • Within A Grey Twilight

    by endlessmidnightmoon

    Set during an alternative 19th-century world, a boy goes back to his homeland in hopes of repaying a debt to a girl he owes. But is he who he says he ...


  • The Grey Area

    by PaintBrushJewel

    California life isn’t always as glamorous as the movies make it out to be. Grey is an over-analytical teen struggling with the eat-or-be-eaten drama o...

    Slice of life

  • The Grey-Eyed Adonis

    by YourJoniverse

    After he found out that Ismael, his ultimate crush, already has a girlfriend, Dean Anderson knew that it's time for him to move on. On the process of ...

    BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

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