• Cosmic Fish

    by Cosmographia

    Updates: Thursdays (EST), bi-weekly updates at http://cosmicfishes.com Vote on TopWebcomic: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/21653 Acantha and her k...

    guardians, Fantasy

  • The Justice Guardians

    by Stephen Sharpe

    It's been 12 years since Sovereign City and it's Heroes fell, but a lifelong fan, Jessica Hayes still believes that her heroes managed to survive. ...

    guardians, Action, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Santuários

    by Fred Cassar

    On a distant island, every biome is protected by a guardian spirit. The guardian and its biome's lives are linked together. One can no longer exist if...

    guardians, Fantasy

  • Bad Beats, A Destiny Story

    by Wrathion

    Bad Beats, The number one Fireteam the tower has to offer, Queen of Hearts, Stardust Jack of Clubs, Supēdo Ace of Dimonds, Zola and their fearless lea...

    guardians, Gaming, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Guardian's Advent

    by Guardians Advent

    Arashi has spent her life dreaming of becoming a Royal Guard in the City of Peace, so when the opportunity arises she's determined to do everything in...

    guardians, Fantasy

  • Soul Key

    by Bunnyrulesyou!

    All the magic in the world is divided into four major categories. The most powerful cores of these magics were sealed away behind fourteen gates to p...

    guardians, Fantasy

  • Veros

    by queen.of.spades

    There are watchers outside... Humans see them as wild animals. Soulmates are chosen and bonded when they reach the age of 25 even if they disagree wit...

    guardians, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Guardians: The Phoenix

    by Chris Lahey

    Every beast has a guardian and all of nature speaks its own language. But where does the Phoenix belong, and what will she do when she meets the one s...

    guardians, Fantasy, Romance

  • A Whole Different Life

    by TheBluester

    "What would you rather? Floating in eternal darkness or...serving me? As my champion?" "Honestly? Neither, why in the world would I choose to be a ...

    guardians, Fantasy

  • Rule the World

    by aoirashi

    Aiden Michel does what he needs to do - he kills. Mikaela de Witte does what she wants to do - she runs. Aki Raine does what he shouldn't do -...

    guardians, Fantasy

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