by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    gun, Fantasy

  • Oculta

    by Dmitriy Chistyakov

    Modern dark mystic. Girls, gore and shotguns provided. A grim and brutal setting about human psychology in extreme conditions.

    gun, Horror

  • Hearts Full of Sand

    by Kennethjwagnon

    In this violent modern western, ex-outlaw Jim Hardy hunts down his old gang to protect his daughter Cor. SUPPORT ME @ patreon.com/kennethjwagnon

    gun, Drama

  • The Aneursym Effect

    by PyroToaster

    The Aneurysm Effect is a chaotic, dark, fast paced, action-comedy. It all takes place in the most violent city in the world; “Sunnyvile” This place is...

    gun, Action

  • Black Jade

    by Anna Mao

    A mysterious stranger molds a young girl into an assassin. When she becomes 18 years old, she is given the mission to eliminate a formidable traitor, ...

    gun, GL, LGBTQ+, Action

  • Sequence Shot

    by gregtocchini

    A slent story of thief stealing thief.

    gun, Action

  • Inferno Survival

    by Mayshing

    After a major storm a virus broke out, causing animals to mutate into monsters and human survivors to become Undead. Only what's the good of being Und...

    gun, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • Daemons Venatus

    by 4U Comics

    Five young adults are pulled into an alternate reality and are forced to survive amongst its gruelling environment. 4UComics takes you into the world ...

    gun, Fantasy


    by Qwertfx

    A man wakes up in a strange facility. He is told by the person seemingly running the place that he crawled out of his own grave. Un-dead are almost im...

    gun, Horror

  • Better Off Sinful

    by Astawolf

    A notorious hit-man named Jack is anonymously hired to protect Holly, a witty con-artist for a great deal of money. When all seems too easy, Jack find...

    gun, Romance, Action, Comedy

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