• Shanties

    by Captain Moony

    A tale of two captains and their quest to kill each other. Kamari, a siren pirate, is shipwrecked on a remote island. She'll need the help of new all...

    harpy, Fantasy

  • Corvid's Eye

    by Hope Hjort

    Corvid's Eye is a story about 20 y/o nonbinary Ike, who wakes up in a world they don't recognise, an entire life lost to amnesia and with a name that ...

    harpy, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Sunrise Blossom

    by Nina D. Aberlein

    Ivy is a young harpy who is separated from her sister while travelling to learn about human culture. After running into a Violet, a human woman who ta...

    harpy, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Shanties Extras

    by Captain Moony

    Extras and add-ons related to Shanties! Character profiles, maps, world lore, Q&As, all that good stuff. Updates periodically, including additions ...

    harpy, Fantasy

  • Zakanshi

    by Zach Sano

    An ordinary group of teens find themselves on a spectacular and dazzling adventure into the strange and bizarre land of Nisabor, a kingdom of Pangea o...

    harpy, Fantasy

  • Oven Fresh

    by WEHH

    Will not update again. I was a teenager and it was very poorly planned lol. In a world of supernatural creatures, Jonah was born at the bottom. ...

    harpy, Romance

  • Harpy Family

    by Lena

    help keep this comic going ! https://ko-fi.com/lenafluffeena

    harpy, Fantasy

  • Alate

    by Monsterritory

    A little harpy's troubled life takes a turn when they travel to the human world and come home with a follower.

    harpy, Horror, BL, Fantasy

  • Holo

    by Luna

    In a world where humans exist among anuids, a race of giant humanoids, Ephilon must help settle their differences with the help of his friends.

    harpy, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Nebojse

    by Diantimony

    Bird people don't know all that much about the outside world, and especially not of any outsiders that happen to visit them.

    harpy, Fantasy

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