• Your Heart in My Hands

    by Kisai Entertainment , rikapyon

    In high school, Kyle watched his best friend and first love get crushed by Owen, a social media model who secretly toys with gay men to break their he...

    heartbreak, Romance, BL, Drama

  • The Lost One Speaks

    by Bunny Watson

    Christine used to fulfill wishes for a living, but after one too many failed jobs, she vows never to use her powers again. That is, until an ambitious...

    heartbreak, GL, Fantasy, Action

  • I Hate You

    by Bowties And Felines

    Mary Finnegan has just been kicked out of her shared apartment with her boyfriend, and she has no where to go. Well, except for her ex-boyfriend's ...

    heartbreak, Romance

  • In a Heartbeat (MxM)

    by Z. L. Grimm

    In a single moment, Simon's life had turned upside down. Homeless, packless, and without his beloved family, Simon had lost all he's known to the per...

    heartbreak, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Precious Sins

    by Angel Jaxon

    At 17 years old Adrien Aguilera is ready to take on his last year of high school. But while trying to tackle a new school year with hard studying and ...

    heartbreak, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Dual

    by Winter Penwell

    In Hazel’s world, duality is a common condition, and her boyfriend happens to have it. Mark Chen is a dual. Some days, his otherself—Allen—wakes up ...

    heartbreak, Romance

  • HeartBreaker

    by Luppi

    When a horned boy and a tailoress meets, they slowly seems to regain colors, be it their work, or their world. In brief : Pretty mutant boys with a...

    heartbreak, Romance

  • Forget me never

    by LollieBye

    If you could forget whatever you wanted to. Just for one tiny price, would you? And if that price was your life, would you face the consequences.

    heartbreak, Drama

  • Plenty Of Girls In The Sea

    by EJ Oakley

    An autobiographical comic in which a young trans-masc person fresh out of a relationship discovers how best to heal the hole in his heart. Lyrics w...

    heartbreak, LGBTQ+

  • The taste of him

    by Naomi Gardens ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    UPDATES FREQUENTLY! 20% of the population are alphas 75% are betas 5% are omegas • This story takes place in the omega-verse. Reality isn't the...

    heartbreak, BL

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