• Two Sizes, too small

    by mizore

    [Read from left to right] When a gentle giant meets a small ball of energy, only love can bloom. A sweet love story about the advantage and disadvant...

    height_difference, BL, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Bone's Tarot

    by Sera Swati

    When Markus Bone, a Mage U.S. Marshal of some renown, has his enchanted weapon stolen, he's forced to ask an old friend he's been avoiding for five ye...

    height_difference, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Devour

    by phoenixrenaissance

    A potter must decide if he is better suited to a life of pain or a life of loss before his werewolf companion makes the choice for him. CW for depic...

    height_difference, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Moonlight Love

    by fridge

    Jock x nerd except the nerd is a werewolf Atticus is your average nerdy guy - he likes to read books, doesn't have many friends, gets bullied, and ...

    height_difference, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Life Less Ordinary

    by phoenixrenaissance

    Tomo has only ever been interested in having a good time, no matter how he finds it. Too bad the new tenant seems so opposed to sharing any of it with...

    height_difference, BL, Drama, Slice of life

  • Big Bear and Pink Bunny

    by Art Box

    Roki, a pink-haired girl who likes cute and fuffy things finally goes up to the 2nd grade in high school and hopes to get a friend who meets her expec...

    height_difference, Romance

  • A Handful of Petals

    by snowswallow_

    The day-to-day stories of a forest spirit in love with a human man. Magic meets the ordinary in this modern fantasy slice-of-life series. A Handful of...

    height_difference, Romance, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Love Afternoon Tea

    by Bere Weillschmidt

    Bertie arrives on England with one objective: stay and become a British citizen. What he doesn't know is that love awaits for him.

    height_difference, Romance

  • Hazy

    by jehantxt

    We're in Taipei, Taiwan. With all the metal and artificial lights, it's a city that seems like it'd be happier without people. Sometimes the people fe...

    height_difference, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Two Feet Apart

    by Macattack

    Ken has had a crush on Lisa since his first year of high school, but she is a 7' tall athletic prodigy while he is a 5' tall unpopular guy. Will the d...

    height_difference, Romance

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