• Dragon Hunt!

    by DaydreamNoise

    Leo, an ambitious mercenary, finds a fiery eyed and tempered, amnesiac boy in the back of the cart he was transporting to the King. Now, he's dodging ...

    high_fantasy, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Fox Trap

    by PenniWrites

    Leo wanted a quiet life, but after the sudden death of his parents, his life is turned upside down. The fox spirit, Asher, appears telling Leo his par...

    high_fantasy, BL, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Consuming Darkness

    by nox.fox

    Priest and farseer, Elethir just turned blind from witnessing a prophecy holding a promise of Fire, Death, and Forbidden Passion brought to the temple...

    high_fantasy, Romance

  • Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

    by TriaElf9

    An ancient empire awakens, bent on reclaiming the world they once dominated. A small group of people, drawn together by a common cause, are determined...

    high_fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • By The Book

    by Kanekuo

    Penny, a promising detective-in-training, is suddenly thrust into the case of a lifetime when tragedy befalls her hometown. Now, building a tight circ...

    high_fantasy, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Jade Kingdoms

    by surenlicious

    The 3rd Jade Princess is tragically born into a cycle of abuse manifesting itself as generational trauma plaguing her family for eons. It made Suren l...

    high_fantasy, Fantasy, Horror

  • Fractured Magic

    by emrowene

    When the King of Alfheim disappears, his nephew Leandros gathers an elite team to find him. But Leandros soon discovers that this is more than a simpl...

    high_fantasy, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Beyond The Evergreen

    by Beau Van Dalen

    A bounty has been set on a witch's head. The hunt is on. A brave knight takes on the challenge and walks into her lair without fear. He readies hims...

    high_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Curse of Immortals: Tempestatem

    by Lost Spirit

    Once a talented, young gymnast, Daiden resents his existence after a career-ending injury. In death, he is offered a chance to traverse into Mioverold...

    high_fantasy, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • 2Masters

    by Mayshing

    An endless war between two eternal polarizing masters, a human can be an angel or a demon, all it takes is a change of heart. ----- Summary: Fol...

    high_fantasy, Fantasy

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