• Mias & Elle

    by Jenny Clements

    Mias and Elle is a Supernatural, Tudor-ific, comedy-drama, and love letter to the old customs and folklore of a Britain left behind. Get the pages ...

    history, Fantasy

  • Fate

    by Gau meo

    A love story between a princess and a "newbie" soldier. :D :D

    history, Romance

  • Maddison and Sam

    by Syrah Victoria

    A teenage detective with a cane and her best friend Sam work together to uncover the strangest of mysteries in Victorian times.

    history, Mystery

  • Liebesbrief

    by saturn

    During second world war, two men that used to be together a couple of years ago meet again even in a violence enviroment: one of them is british, and ...

    history, BL

  • Ladies of the Knight

    by Fiona Creates

    Serafina is the best knight in the league, almost, and she's doing just fine thanks, too bad others don't agree and saddle her with an enthusiastic, b...

    history, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Silver Tears

    by AnniFlamma

    The 320 year-old vampire Aled Winter finds a severely injured and frightened werewolf child in the middle of the forest. Despite the hateful relations...

    history, Drama

  • Blood Stained Snow

    by Genji Otori

    The world, war-ridden and cruel, is ruled by dragons. In order to acquire superhuman powers, warlords form pacts with dragons and become dragoons. Thi...

    history, Action

  • Alpha Killzone

    by Cyanoize

    In a world of a social apocalypse; conducted by apathy, corruption and inhuman cruelty, a machine begins to teach humanity feelings. Historically ad...

    history, BL

  • Hysterical Historicals

    by Ani&Ciri

    A series of comic strips that are made to teach the facts of the revolution that may have fallen to the wayside in an entertaining and funny manner. (...

    history, Comedy

  • The Chevalier

    by Lady Arrowsmith

    The High School football coach, school nurse and their team of students fight a strange demon that has taken over their small town. Romance - Drama - ...

    history, Romance, Horror, Drama

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