by KuruComics

    KURU is a collection of stories I found carved into the walls of an ancient cave I stumbled/fell into on my way from the liquor store. The carvings lo...

    horror_comics, Horror

  • Chimera

    by Andriy Lukin

    If you gaze too long into the shadows, the shadows might start to move at you. Writer: Andriy Lukin Artist: KEUGEN (behance.net/Duh_Dude)

    horror_comics, Horror

  • Post-Mortem

    by squasar

    Agent Gil Novais investigates the strange suicides taking place in a small village. 30 pages.

    horror_comics, Horror

  • Dr. Banana's Shock Treatment

    by Cob Crawler

    Welcome to Dr. Banana's Shock Treatment - a spoof on classic EC horror comics presenting the dark comedy approach on characters from Dr. Banana animat...

    horror_comics, Horror, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Fear the Family First

    by finchink88

    Static Shock+Junji Ito+ Game of Thrones+Beserk All are gifted with powers therefore, anyone can rule what’s left of humanity. That is, as long as the...

    horror_comics, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • House of Bones

    by Dooka108

    'House of Bones' began with the idea that "The Sleeping Princess in the Forest" was actually not sleeping, but dead. If you are looking for different ...

    horror_comics, Horror

  • The Night Terrors Podcast

    by Roddy

    In 2014, host of the popular web show 'The Night Terrors Podcast' Liam Cunningham disappeared. Not only did he disappear, but everything else did too ...

    horror_comics, Horror

  • A glass of absinthe

    by Elena V

    There´s nothing like a good glass of absinthe after a well done work.

    horror_comics, Horror

  • Undead Evil

    by Frank Forte/Asylum

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a centuries old family curse is reignited by an undead voodoo priest. When paranormal researcher Alfred Carter ...

    horror_comics, Horror

  • Recycled Man


    "What goes around, comes around." So says Recycled Man, the mysterious hero who claims to "accelerate Karma." Who is he? What is he? A why is it raini...

    horror_comics, Horror, Drama, Mystery

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