• Predatory Loan

    by Zuzu

    Rooming with a serial killer isn't good for Carter's health, but it's pretty amazing for his bank account. And hey, at least if his roommate kills him...

    horror_elements, Horror, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Raisers Division

    by pewchii

    In the midst of misplaced anger, a horrible rumor spread that the youngest son of the Alighieri family was responsible for the death of his parents; A...

    horror_elements, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Bane of the Cosmos

    by Taylor

    Sick of the way people grovel at the feet of heroes. Reporter Audra Storm works together with the cities most notorious Supervillain Cosmo S. to expos...

    horror_elements, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Stay By My Side

    by L3L3Blue

    A girl who tries to keep her darkest secrets hidden has to tackle everyday life as well brace for her unknown and traumatic future

    horror_elements, Romance, Fantasy

  • Monster Hunt

    by b-blythe

    Crow Spinner lives with his sister and uncle in a monster infested world. You’d think his main problem would be commuting to school through the danger...

    horror_elements, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Hemmingston

    by Nakamura Asuka

    One opportunity could lead to new adventures. The sole question is; What type of adventure will it be? And how will it end?

    horror_elements, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror

  • This Errae

    by M K Spacepops

    A woman falls into a new world. One she had only read in storybooks. Sort of. She was not prepared for this or what she will face.

    horror_elements, Fantasy