• Death Sin

    by Creationistlife

    Death Sin follows Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty...

    horror_manga, Horror


    by Aadi M

    Mike Brown and his friends get entangled in the mysteries surrounding a cursed street within their small town, and they just might be the only ones wh...

    horror_manga, Horror, Mystery

  • The Creatures

    by FrostLight Comics

    Charles wants more than anything to forget the incident that led to the tragic death of one of his classmates, a girl named Elena. However, the suppos...

    horror_manga, Horror

  • The Building

    by Shady Attab

    Sami Salem, a fresh graduate, is looking for an apartment to settle in with Soha Mansour: his fiancé and soon to be wife. His search finally ceases wh...

    horror_manga, Horror, Mystery

  • العمارة

    by Shady Attab

    سامى سالم شاب فى مقتبل العمر يبحث عن شقة مع خطيبته سهى منصور لتعجل زفافهم و يتوقف بحثه عندما تخبره أخته بأنها وجدت الشقة المناسبة.. و لكنه يتعلم أن ...

    horror_manga, Horror, Mystery

  • Post-Mortem

    by squasar

    Agent Gil Novais investigates the strange suicides taking place in a small village. 30 pages.

    horror_manga, Horror

  • Dead Girls Doll - Horror Comic

    by RyanMelroseComics

    A normal suburban town seemingly normal Until a kid attending his Cousin funeral steals a Doll from it's resting place he doesn't realize yet but he's...

    horror_manga, Horror

  • Komatsu Wins

    by artworxsensei

    Komatsu's reaction when he finds out he won first place in a Twitter poll I made to see which DB OC of mine is my audience's favorite. Something I did...

    horror_manga, Horror

  • Fear the Family First

    by finchink88

    Static Shock+Junji Ito+ Game of Thrones+Beserk All are gifted with powers therefore, anyone can rule what’s left of humanity. That is, as long as the...

    horror_manga, Horror, Action, Fantasy