• Stupid Story BL

    by Levelanix

    Yanik is a shy boy. At his new school he wants to get a new identity. But the first day starts with a disaster. The popular and handsome student Alan...

    hot, BL

  • Gamer Girl Pinups

    by Trisha Williams

    The Girls are about the Games

    hot, Gaming

  • Love Monster

    by JustMe

    Monsters, Myths and Legends... and they all attend college! What awaits Eli as he starts his first year in this ghoulish school? Nightmares? Torment? ...

    hot, BL

  • God Of Chaos

    by Papadamn

    Updates every Saturday! LGBTQ+ Looks, money, nobility and supernatural powers... Soerien is someone who has it all. Despite all that, Soerien has ...

    hot, Fantasy

  • Like Ecstasy

    by Mae Rose

    ( SEASON TWO ) Nathaniel Reeves is an eighteen-year-old high school dropout struggling to make ends meet for his little sister, and mother sufferin...

    hot, BL, Romance, Drama

  • MeltingHOT

    by kumorio

    GL »» TRIES AND UPDATE?? the world is a mess so the people in it become a bit of a mess as well but what can we do but accept ...

    hot, Romance

  • Serve Me

    by Broke dog

    How can a lowly knight fall for royalty?

    hot, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Anne (Spanish)

    by Teksu

    Anne es tímida, cabezota y antisocial. Lleva una vida tranquila en casa, donde trabaja como ilustradora. Su vida se complica tras una reunión de antig...

    hot, Romance

  • Heart Burn

    by R2ninjaturtle

    A fan-made prequel to the film Osmosis Jones, Heart Burn explores the backstory of the movie's villain, Thrax, through the eyes of Scarlette Cyte, a s...

    hot, Drama

  • The Book of Decay

    by Creative-Caro

    Mara is a proud guard of the desert town Fahra. Together with her comrade, she has to see her home suddenly collapse and both of them are faced with a...

    hot, Fantasy

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