by The Art of Florence

    Ren is an agender young adult with a penchant for recklessness. Lena is an illegal android fleeing from persecution and destruction. A chance meeting ...

    human, Drama

  • Bloody Horns

    by Lowell the Tiefling

    In a world where demons walk between humans without they noticing, three couples “Nefilim-Demon”, work together in the most epic adventure they could ...

    human, Romance, BL, Action

  • Step Aside

    by Orange Savannah

    When a mysterious being gets trapped inside an ancient temple, it has to make a deal with a young local woman to get back out again. The woman and the...

    human, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Woven

    by Lark & Wren

    The dragons have fled and mages are nowhere to be found. With them left all the forms of magic that once permeated the world. Born blind, a young Ay...

    human, Action, Fantasy

  • The Prince's Wolf

    by fridge

    Trynnian is the third prince of the human kingdom of Karlisle. They've been at war with the werewolves for years, and peace is offered in the form of ...

    human, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • After Forever (BL)

    by akiheinworks

    Adrian's intense grief has accidentally made Kaiser (demon) come to him. Kaiser then agreed to fulfill Adrian's wish to bring his cat back to life but...

    human, BL, Drama, Mystery

  • The Only Gay Human In Space

    by Tyler Mann

    The magic story of Travis, a boy who got his wish to live in space away from Earth. Travelling throughout the galaxy, he meets, and hooks up with new ...

    human, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Phywick

    by old bliznets

    What happens when you've been alone for 100 years, then suddenly, you've got a crush, an apprentice and meet humans? Periwinkle is a witch who live...

    human, Fantasy

  • Fell in Love with a Boy

    by mincream17

    There's Salem, a gaming boy of average everything, and then there's Daire, a vampire of amazing everything--just about, anyway. Daire, whilst keeping ...

    human, Fantasy

  • Tales of Shinigami

    by Freya

    Story and Art: Freya Story: Ukyo was only 14 years old when he lost his parents, and was sent to his grandparents to live with them. One certain day ...

    human, BL, LGBTQ+

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