• Jubes Comic Blog

    by Jubes

    Illustrated form of my Slice of Life and Discovering what Love really means to me. Life is filled with thoughts and gestures of love but sometimes w...

    illustration, Slice of life

  • Astral Springs

    by Kristy Steffens

    kstearb.tumblr.com (personal blog) A woman finds herself in a field in the dead of night, marked with a fresh tattoo on her face and no memory of how...

    illustration, Science fiction

  • SCP/OTP Extras

    by Seyumei

    Extra doodles/ illustrations/ animations of characters from the SCP(https://tapas.io/series/SkysCreamPuffs) or OTP(https://tapas.io/series/OTP-Comic...

    illustration, Comedy

  • Docile Creature

    by AnttiMatter

    The amazing adventures of an abstract being trying to survive in a crazy strange world.

    illustration, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Din's Sketch Book

    by dinmoney

    A compilation of sketches, illustrations, and concept art by Geoff Trebs (Din) *New episodes will unlock after 2weeks of publish date. Thank you f...

    illustration, Fantasy

  • Y Intercept You?

    by BobaByul

    Two girls who are similar, yet from different countries, each come of age in what may be the most challenging world imaginable. The real world.

    illustration, Slice of life

  • Life is Ok

    by Salmika

    This will be a series of mostly unrelated comics!

    illustration, Slice of life

  • Witches & Wizards High School

    by Fe.art

    ENG Witches & Wizards High School is a fantasy cartoon for kids, set in a near future, suitable for all ages, thought to be light and fun! The mag...

    illustration, Fantasy

  • Ingunn Comics

    by Ingunn

    Updates irregularly, but is always working on new pages. Comics about anything that falls into my head. Short stories, comments, observations, facts,...

    illustration, Slice of life

  • The Book of Decay

    by Creative-Caro

    Mara is a proud guard of the desert town Fahra. Together with her comrade, she has to see her home suddenly collapse and both of them are faced with a...

    illustration, Fantasy

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