• How I really...

    by Fernanda Nia

    Comics about the weird part of our imagination.

    imagination, Comedy

  • Second Imagination

    by HRKLS

    Warning: Contain's bl, crossdressing, emotional stress (ie. depression, anxiety and etc.), and tragedy(?) Also read right to left. (if you don't ...

    imagination, Drama

  • Astralis (Discontinued)

    by The Modern Hermits

    We have republished Astralis as a new novel called Astralis: Phantasia at https://tapas.io/series/astralisphantasia

    imagination, Fantasy

  • Tales of Scribbles

    by Travis Orams

    I'm Scribbles, a small fennec with a big imagination. Let's share smiles, inspiration and chocolate cookies! You can also follow me over on Twitter...

    imagination, Slice of life

  • Drimmoling

    by Drimmolo

    Lil' comics and drawings of everyday life as a daydreamer updates: irregularly

    imagination, Slice of life

  • Foxtales

    by VibrantFox

    Character development and world building can be pretty tough so what better way to make it easier than move in with your OCs? --- Foxtales is a sort...

    imagination, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Rizmo

    by Sarah Pagliaro

    (New and Improved as of 2015!!) Didn't your mother ever tell you not to wear a strangers' hat? It's funny. It's sentimental. It's deliciously biza...

    imagination, Fantasy

  • bullying

    by schirliane

    Na visão de um garotinho e contada a historia da sua vida. Acabando de se mudar, tendo que encontrar novos amigos, tendo que acostumar com a nova esc...

    imagination, Drama

  • Poppi's Sketchbook

    by Poppisui

    Take a peek into an awkward 13 year old's sketchbook! With comics about Poppi and comics by Poppi herself! Wed/Thurs: Update Sun: Q&A

    imagination, Slice of life


    by Cacharrito

    A comic about the simple things that fill the world of the ‘little cacharritos’. Because we are all (or have been) a bit of a "cacharro."

    imagination, Slice of life, Comedy

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