• bastard comics

    by L. Fury

    If comics are my babies, these are the bastards.

    immature, Comedy

  • Henyoki Things

    by Henyoki

    A random assortment of random thoughts that I can't do anything else with, so I put them into this little thing. This series will most likely not b...

    immature, Comedy

  • Out Of Space

    by JoelyMoley

    A sci-fi comedy about two misfit teenagers and their captain who enroll in a space program excited to explore the depths of space. But end up finding ...

    immature, Comedy

  • Peppermint Man

    by PictureImperfect

    Favian Day isn't a mint. His friends will tell you despite his appearence, he's the opposite of refreshing. This is a story about a couple of monsters...

    immature, Fantasy

  • Mr.Pantsu's adventure

    by TheDummy57Vishnu

    Mr.Pantsu-- a worldwide handsome wants to be a model. Join the adventures of him accomplishing his dreams and many more. WARNING: Immature Jokes t...

    immature, Comedy