• Astronaut C.A.T.

    by taioni

    An inktober space project about an astronaut cat ---- Um projeto espacial do inktober sobre um gatinho astronauta

    inktober, Science fiction

  • Raven & Swift

    by Doig & Swift

    Inked drawings by Swift for #inktober2015

    inktober, Fantasy

  • Inked Tober

    by Dave Stankoven

    Only updates in October

    inktober, Comedy

  • Pierogi RPG

    by Megan Uosiu

    [Comic status: a one-shot, finished. Second part: updating.] Full to the brim of interesting quests and events, this MMORPG based on the slavic myt...

    inktober, Gaming

  • The October Crow

    by Fefi

    I made this super simple and super short story on last year's Inktober (a drawing event where you draw one thing with ink every day) and now, after I ...

    inktober, Slice of life

  • The Bell

    by Zaccura

    In the little remote town of Epir, there are two things to know: First, if you want the best gear for your next fishing trip, head over to Bloo’s Bait...

    inktober, Action

  • A man went to the woods

    by Silja Lin

    This started as my 2017 Inktober project and ended up becoming a lot more for me than just a random illustration a day. I hope this story will enterta...

    inktober, Horror

  • Inktober2018

    by Kana Urbanowicz

    This is the short comic about a family of Japanese witches and a Tengu getting ready for Halloween that I made during this year's Inktober challenge. ...

    inktober, Slice of life

  • Witchtober

    by fongfumaster

    During the Inktober month, I decided to test myself even further and attempt to do the Inktober Challenge in the form of a comic. Each page improvis...

    inktober, Fantasy

  • Worshipful

    by Elzarth

    What happens when an archaeologist falls in love with a long-dead goddess? a short horror/romance comic made for inktember-inktober.

    inktober, Horror

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