• EDEN - The second dawn (US)

    by Axendre

    «In the land of Eden, once bathed in light, a dark mist appeared... One after another, its people have gone mad and were transformed into Shadows. ...

    interactive, Fantasy

  • Start? (interactive)

    by PIA

    In this interactive comic you play the roll of a man who wakes up in a white room remembering not even his name. As the “game” goes on, you will have ...

    interactive, Science fiction

  • Sleepless

    by Reinbel

    An interactive comic about a young woman in a big city. ____ Suggestions are taken in every update, and readers guide the protagonist through comm...

    interactive, Fantasy

  • Saving Maggie

    by MIK

    Enjoy the interActive version of this comic at: www.SavingMaggie.com!! The story of a trucker, raising his daughter on 18 wheels of steel... Inspir...

    interactive, Action

  • You Enter A Dungeon

    by jermz

    You, the readers, will decide the fate of our Hero.

    interactive, Fantasy

  • Your Perfect BL Story (interactive)

    by Yugen

    This is an interactive BL webcomic in which readers can influence events. This webcomic will be more like a visual novel, a computer game with alterna...

    interactive, BL, Mystery, Comedy

  • CrystalRibs

    by ChalkBoardFeline

    An Interactive web comic where you help our hero grow and navigate through a strange and (possibly) dangerous reality. There's lots o' slime.

    interactive, Fantasy

  • Ciruela

    by Whosthis

    BL interactive (sometimes you decide what happens next) slice of life thingie for practice--- Enjoy!

    interactive, Slice of life

  • Wolf Hunters (Reboot)

    by nezkovsou

    [Readers vote for storyline progress] On the day Yura planned to commit suicide, he was thrown into an unforgiving game of Wolves; and t̴̼̿h̶͙̊ḛ̵̎ ̵̿...

    interactive, Horror, Action, Mystery

  • Cinnamon Roles

    by James Ulmen

    An interactive fanfic comic based on the Dungeons & Dragons series Critical Role.

    interactive, Fantasy

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