• Invader Zim (ZaDr)

    by Junji

    Fan made Comic of Invader Zim. The Ship is between Zim and Dib! Inspired by "That Thin Line" (The Art Style gets better, Don't worry :)

    invader_zim, BL

  • Mysterytale

    by batter_sempai

    What if, instead of just one SOUL falling into the Underground, 6 other SOULs fell in too? And what if those six SOULs just so happened to be characte...

    invader_zim, Fantasy

  • ZaDr Art

    by Matt

    ZaDr Art, may contain mature content not sure yet, but if it does, then it'll be labeled with a big red M.

    invader_zim, BL

  • Four stars (invader zim fan comic)

    by AsplashingFosh

    Four stars is a fan comic for the series of invader zim as such i make no money off of it. This comic is based around fan characters i made and what t...

    invader_zim, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Science fiction