by The Torigami Team

    [THIS COMIC IS CURRENTLY ON INDEFINITE HIATUS] Updated on Saturdays! "Asazaki Nae has finally finished her training as a maiko. On the eve of th...

    japan, Fantasy

  • They said you won't come back

    by Velvet Toucher

    The story is set in a small town in Japan in the mid 90’s. Two male teachers meet in a middle school. Yashiki is an impulsive, unmotivated, and irresp...

    japan, BL

  • Himawari Share

    by hamini

    Himawari Share follows the lives of three international students living together in Tokyo. Join our heroines as they struggle with the language barrie...

    japan, Slice of life


    by 777

    https://www.patreon.com/oenaijonetsu It's always difficult to pursue your passion. Read right to left. Updates (almost) every Saturday morning (PST....

    japan, Romance

  • Project SHaDe

    by Monotone Ink

    Under the surface of everyday life, an illness ravages all of humankind, turning everyday people into wild, mindless beasts. To counter this, Venators...

    japan, Action

  • A Boy and his Demon

    by Harvey Jules

    A boy finds himself in a unique situation when an unexpected guest arrives at his house!

    japan, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Constellations

    by Moemai

    Akira is at a point in his life where he doesn't know how to move forward. Would an unexpected encounter change things for him ? This story has bee...

    japan, BL, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Only for Her

    by Moemai

    Saki will always protect Miya from the mean boys around ! - read from RIGHT to left - update every 3 days ! Just a simple love story I drew in 2...

    japan, Romance

  • Study Date


    **CW: Minors drinking and smoking, mild violence.** A coming-of-age drama. This was first year of the country's bubble economy. It was also the fi...

    japan, Drama

  • nOsaka Slang

    by Tobirone

    Moving to another country can be exciting. Especially if you're still going to school! Anina is an exchange student from Germany, curious about Japan...

    japan, GL

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