• Kaijuito

    by Monsterritory

    After he became corrupted, Steven's family was able to reach to him and let him understand that he is no monster, and that they love him no matter wha...


  • Kaijuzin

    by Rafael Brindo

    Acompanhe as aventuras da pequena Marlete e seu grande amigo, Kaijuzin

    kaiju, Fantasy

  • Kaijumachy

    by Anguiking

    Fifty years after the appearance of giant monsters called kaiju, the world has spun into chaos and Laura Ray is one of those victims. Afflicted with t...

    Action, Science fiction

  • kaiju girl

    by El Aurio

    El mundo esta plagado de Kaijus. A veces salen del mar...otras veces viven dentro de las personas. A veces estas personas no tienen buenas intencione...

    kaiju, Action

  • Kaijus Brasileiros

    by Ber

    De inicio são apenas monstros gigantes agenero, lutam por motivos diversos, em meio a locais com floresta em toda região brasileira. Muitos nao falam...

    kaiju, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Kaiju Cuties

    by SummerTimeAlice

    The lives of giant monsters are made up of little moments! If you like inane comics about Queer+ monsters, this is for you. Kaiju Cuties is a silly...

    kaiju, GL, LGBTQ+, Comedy


    by rocketraygun

    A mysterious young woman emerges from the belly of a Kaiju to save Earth from an invasion of monsters.

    kaiju_girl, Fantasy

  • Kaiju Academy

    by Green Raptor Studios

    Ever wonder where Kaiju learn to be "Kaiju"? At Kaiju Academy of course. Kaiju from all across the world gather at this school, where they learn wha...


  • Kaiju Amazonas contra Odio

    by Ber

    A politixa no Brasil nunca foi algo que desse muitos elogios, então, numa distopia, onde amazonas foi 100% desmatada e explorada, pnde pessoas indigen...

    kaiju, Drama

  • Super Kaiju Hero Force

    by Casey Lau

    3 American kids win a contest to visit the set of The Colossal Man Show; their favorite live-action superhero in Japan. Things go from “crazy” to “kyo...

    kaiju, Comedy

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