• Wrong Label Satan

    by kingdommadethehallow

    This is just a test comic, but im starting to really enjoy it :) please let me know what you think! also sorry if im slow at uploading episodes xD as ...



    by kingdommadethehallow

    This is the strange story of kanami yamagashi, who goes through a weird battle between heaven earth hell and purgatory, it tells how he got there, why...


  • Haut Nehmer Shorts

    by Kingdomeater91

    (Temp. picture until I can made something) The real comic has yet to be made as I'm still writing the story, these are going to be little shorts with ...

    Slice of life

  • The hallow

    by kingdommadethehallow

    Waking up in a new world never seemed so crazy, until kanami yamagashi, age 25 dies on his birthday. Waking up in a foreign land, amidst A battle betw...


  • Kingdom-of-Dreams

    by Trojan

    The Kingdom of Dreams is a club of the incredible, and that caters to everyone’s deepest desires. Filled with magic rooms and fantastic creatures, i...

    Kingdom_of_Dreams, Romance


    by Aniel

    4 elements, locked in an eternal conflict and passion, peace being something impossible to achieve. The death of one means the end of all.

    Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • 4 Kingdoms

    by A. M. C.

    In a warld where power is the most important thing and the future is already chosen, what will the Star, Planet, Sun and Moon kingdoms do to change th...

    Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Megane Kingdom

    by Megane Kingdom

    https://www.facebook.com/Megane-Kingdom-832736630151754/?fref=ts A slice of life about 4 dorky megane boys and their friends !

    Slice of life

  • Pins And Needles

    by Hyper Kingdom

    A young Woman is excited to have finally gotten a new job as a butler, but the man she works for and the house she now lives in both have their own se...


  • Outcast Kingdom

    by William J Bowles

    A slightly unorthodox fantasy adventure tale about four heroes in a land inhabited by monsters rather than humans. But instead of looking to mytholog...


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