• Not A Princess

    by Til Heimer

    When his Cinderella story did not end in a happily ever after, Lilas decided to leave it all behind and live an ordinary life. It was quite straightfo...

    kingdoms, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Looking for Oasis

    by TAMAnnoying

    Rated PG13 due to strong language and adult themes. Reader discretion advised, themes include death and depression as well as discrimination. After...

    kingdoms, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Prince's Knight

    by Lemonerix

    The Prince of Magia was betrothed to the youngest princess of Hieldesburg, who was his childhood friend. He liked her, but his heart was somewhere els...

    kingdoms, BL

  • I'm Tired

    by Olkit

    A hero who only wishes to sleep and a queen that wishes for her kingdom to be free of its demons. Follow Suhad and their adventures through this monoc...

    kingdoms, Fantasy

  • D-one

    by Cloudy-0w0

    "Nations rise, nations fall... The pendulum swings... Only devastation and ruin will remain. In this dire hour of despair, with hope ye shall look to ...

    kingdoms, Fantasy

  • Cursed Gold

    by Myaire21

    Elyah is a blind elf. Derek a mute human prince. They love each other and they need nothing but a simple touch to know it. (The Golden and the Silv...

    kingdoms, Romance

  • The Legend of Fanaura

    by Enajori Yui

    She was the chosen one to end the war between the Goddesses when they were supposed to take care of the world balance. Refused to be the pawn of the G...

    kingdoms, Fantasy

  • [ENG] Mérion

    by July Lix

    A magical continent lost in wars, one by one the kingdoms of Merion join them. The capital, Mirandir, appears to be the next target for an attack from...

    kingdoms, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

  • What remains after

    by LawrenceSV

    When the heir of the yellow throne shows interest in marriage, a visit to the eligible bachelors, the other princes, is a must. But during that visit ...

    kingdoms, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Tales of Lepidus Terrae

    by Lady Manor Arts

    Life on a floating Isle is all fun and games, with a carefree attitude. Adira a girl with the inability to use magic meets Auto, a boy who crafts item...

    kingdoms, Fantasy

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