• Overflow

    by acejani

    Sunny works at a flower shop, Cam at a café. Both girls are very different but there's one thing they have in common: they both get easily distracted ...

    lesbian_romance, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Out of this World

    by lovablewindow

    When Aislin, an alien from the planet Estrell, crash lands on Earth, she must heal and adapt to Earth-life with the help of Chrysanthemum, an artist w...

    lesbian_romance, GL

  • Mind Reader

    by lasyor

    A rebellious teen with gorgeous looks. A well-behaved student with a passion for sport. A cold- hearted bully with a secret. Three types of popular gi...

    lesbian_romance, Action, GL, Fantasy

  • The Blackwing of Fioreshm

    by Capshancomics

    **Returning to regular uploads this Autumn 2022!! Nareli, a crystal merchant, travels to the village of the Fioreshm for what she expected would b...

    lesbian_romance, Romance, GL, Fantasy

  • My New Sister GL

    by LizTheLemur

    18 yearold high-schooler Elizabeth "Liz" Miller finds love in Macey Taylor during a chance encounter. They quickly fall in for each other, but their p...

    lesbian_romance, GL, Romance


    by Ai Night

    When a game of truth or dare reveals more than just a few secrets. Desire unbridled, sparks fly. Is this the beginning of a new romance? Or a destroye...

    lesbian_romance, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Random GL

    by Alien 8392

    This is just short stories/one shots of Girl Love. The themes to my delight are all over the place. There's fluff, action, nightmares, drama, supernat...

    lesbian_romance, GL


    by treepipit

    ~Zarya is standing behind me hastily wrapped in a white towel. Having just got out of the bath, her body is glowing and emitting warmth. The bathroom ...

    lesbian_romance, GL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Bullets & Spells

    by ThoughtsRoamGuy

    Worlds collide when a young woman is saved by a witch after being double-crossed. The fates of Hollyhock and Hazel become entwined as they delve deepe...

    lesbian_romance, GL


    by treepipit

    ~Doris looked straight into my eyes and gently touched my cheek. She was so close; I felt her trembling or maybe it was me? I could clearly see her gl...

    lesbian_romance, GL, Fantasy, Romance

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