• Letters in Between

    by Nasubi & Kyuri

    Yuzuru has a crush. And he thinks love letters are still the best way to do it. However, is it really? (Please read from right to left) Sorry for ...

    letters, Drama

  • Girlz

    by Lalapopp

    Erin and Andie are best friends, but what happens when Erin moves away and that friendship has to be through letters? (GL)

    letters, Romance

  • Please Write Back

    by RyBread

    Earnest always feels like he's ignored by others except for his friend Sarah. And he holds a deep secret that no one knows about: he’s gay and (still)...

    letters, BL, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • POST 100

    by Joni

    A lonely girl, a cat, and a postbox.

    letters, Fantasy

  • The Stars Above Us

    by azzy-m

    [NOTE: This comic is in indefinite hiatus/unlikely to come back!] Mellowbrook is a small town where nothing much happens; a perfect place for Marcu...

    letters, LGBTQ+

  • Yours

    by kreika

    A series of letters you find, lead you to learn more things about one dog than you previously thought possible.

    letters, Drama

  • Dear Grim Reaper

    by Nico Costa

    Dear Grim Reaper, please stop. Everyone is dying around me. I see you everywhere I go. Someone dies each time I leave my house. please stop killing...

    letters, Mystery

  • Dear Reader

    by NinjaNix

    My attempt to find positivity in everyday things, plus a bit of extremely biased LGBTQIA+ sharing of love <3 (because we're all amazing so deal with i...

    letters, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Hear Me Out

    by Maylovebugs

    -Mini slice of life and Drama- Mandy knows that he'll never reply to any of her emails so she saves them as drafts. Even though it's been over a ye...

    letters, Non-fiction, Slice of life

  • From Your Daughter

    by MintMatcha

    Hi. My name is Lillian Monroe. I think I might be your daughter.

    letters, Drama, Slice of life

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