• Saints'Quarter

    by C.R. Fahey

    Right on the river, between Brooklyn and Queens, is a quaint little neighborhood where rent is affordable, residents are friendly, and witches live in...

    lgbt_characters, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

  • "Avibus"

    by C.R. Fahey

    After bringing home a strange homeless girl named Scarlet, Kelley Russo discovers a fascinating hidden world of cryptids and legends. But she is far...

    lgbt_characters, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Pirate and the Princess

    by Sapphire

    Princess Kirianna of Altira has been raised for one purpose; marriage and succession. A dutiful, intelligent, and optimistic girl, she came to terms w...

    lgbt_characters, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Breaking the Boundaries

    by Carly

    Angels have always been said to be myths from long ago, god-like creatures in nature with hearts pure as gold who helped the humans live and thrive, e...

    lgbt_characters, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • This Is Not The End;

    by serapheir

    Life after death is real. And the government doesn't like it. In the layered city of Palacious, Undead are surfacing. Faced with persecution and f...

    lgbt_characters, Drama, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • The Aphuanian Tales

    by HippieGhost

    Explore the kingdoms of Aphing through the eyes of its people in this collection of stories big and small! Sail the high seas with The Crimson Tempest...

    lgbt_characters, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • MCYTHeroes

    by UnluckyBe

    Minecraft YouTubers as superheroes and villains! Mostly contain Dream SMP characters, Dream team as a focus group!

    lgbt_characters, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Dreamcatcher

    by Kittyfox Hearts

    (CURRENTLY GETTING A REWORK!) Aeri is an orphan who's only ever wanted somewhere she belongs. On one fateful day, she encounters a magical fountain...

    lgbt_characters, Fantasy


    by mythmouth

    At the tender age of sixteen, Emery's family takes a dangerous stray of a teen into their otherwise happy home. Emery has had trouble separating fear ...

    lgbt_characters, BL

  • Seaside

    by Minisqwish

    Kale is a newly single young man moving into a new town. However, something seems a little off about his new roommate. He seems to be talking to himse...

    lgbt_characters, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

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