• The Borrowed Faces

    by ag-meade

    Asher and Grayson are two (mostly willing) participants on 'The Borrowed Faces', a survival game show in which the stakes are real. Will treasure, dea...

    lgbtcharacters, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Flutter

    by Shainamation

    "Flutter" is a tale of intertwining love stories set in a floral world of butterflies and moths. When a young bird named Bell FLower gets lost in a st...

    lgbtcharacters, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Fighting with a storm

    by idcky

    Lucas never would have thought that he will ever study in prestigious all-boys boarding school, or that he will ever bump into a boy trying to commit ...

    lgbtcharacters, Drama

  • Mongrel

    by Shainamation

    The bastard child of a kitsune and a werewolf, she was named Mutt accordingly. Born under a lunar eclipse she was given the form of a fox that was cha...

    lgbtcharacters, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy