• Les Normaux

    by KnightJJ

    [co-created by Al] Les Normaux follows the lives of a bunch of supernatural beings living in Paris after a human wizard named Sebastien moved to the ...

    lgbtqa, Romance

  • Cupido

    by skatuya

    Alec has the ability to see the marks that connect soulmates. With the help of a friend he sets out to help people meet the love of their life – while...

    lgbtqa, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • KAI

    by queenue

    NEW JERSEY, 1986 - Seventeen-year-old Kai is grappling with the aftermath of losing their parents as they move in with their high strung aunt in North...

    lgbtqa, Drama, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • Gender Slices

    by TopazComics

    Gender Slices is an auto-bio comic about Jey Pawlik's thoughts an experiences with their gender and identity.

    lgbtqa, LGBTQ+


    by Emma Vieceli

    A love story…but a little broken. Everyone wears a mask. What we see of people on the surface is so rarely what’s ticking underneath. And, in Cortl...

    lgbtqa, Drama, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • The Accidental Prince

    by KR Wright

    Prince Leander Richard Dorian Mediean has made a huge error. Due to an ancient law and an arrogant turn of phrase, he has accidentally given up his cl...

    lgbtqa, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Space School

    by DarkChibiShadow

    Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School for his telekinetic powers. Upon meeting the attractive transfer student, Alkalin...

    lgbtqa, BL, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Spidersilk

    by Alakotila

    A chance meeting in the forest leads Prentice, a mage and an ex-soldier, to the city's massive network of thieves. His new crew has their hands full t...

    lgbtqa, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • [un]Divine

    by Ayme Sotuyo

    A high school student halfway through senior year decides the best solution to his problems is giving up his soul for a demon that will do anything he...

    lgbtqa, Romance, Horror, Fantasy

  • Monster Corp.

    by boscribbles

    There are three classes of Monster: Pet class, Civilian class, and Danger class. When a series of C-Class disappearances coincide with a rise in D-cl...

    lgbtqa, Mystery

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