• Slice of What?

    by FloorLego

    Learn about how Lego lives through their day. Go on a soul search for their morning breakfast. What? I don't eat breakfast? New comics come out Tuesd...

    like, Comedy

  • Risou- tekina kappuru/ Perfect Couple

    by Raikon Kitsune

    (READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) 'One person is enough to turn everything upside down in the school.' Morishita Senna's entrance to high school proves that...

    like, Romance

  • God Hunters

    by Lllukaz0r

    A being visits an old japanese soldier, offering the power to control a immortal army, that being entitled himself as the only salvation. 399 years la...

    like, Fantasy

  • Medusa:Warrior of Justice

    by Bubbledriver

    An adaptation of Medusa , with huge liberties taken with the original myth! In which Medusa is the heroine of her story rather than a victim. The tal...

    like, Fantasy

  • Sandie

    by Nick Caponi

    A young, punky Californian named Jaime Normax was your typical angsty orphan. His life abruptly changes when he randomly comes across a friendly magic...

    like, Fantasy

  • Feelings Like Me [Español]

    by HikaruFer

    ➤ [For English go to my profile or search "Feelings like Me", thx] ➤ "¿Como puedo sobrevivir a mis emociones?" bueno en este comic te muestro como ...

    like, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Can I Like You?

    by Gaichi

    I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with love itself. Love makes people live, love makes people die. It's a beautiful thing either way. But... how do I f...

    like, Slice of life

  • The Iluminus

    by Thayme Rosyane

    ONLY ON PORTUGUESE-BRAZIL www.patreon.com/thaymerosyane Read it from the left to right:) Sinope:De tempos em tempos, vinte e cinco pesso...

    like, Drama

  • Uncomfortable Laughter

    by Kavanagh

    Uncomfortable Laughter is a series that contains events in my life and a mix of snarky and passive-aggressive comments.

    like, Slice of life

  • A little love

    by Korrar

    Daily mini-stories of human beings and animals. Each episode has an individual story. Hope you feel a little love from normal life ^^

    like, Slice of life

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