• With Great Abandon

    by Xier

    Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It's the story of...

    london, Romance

  • A.P.O.C

    by Spikings

    APOC is a supernatural urban fantasy centering on Clara, a young woman with no memories of her childhood and Death constantly permeating her thoughts....

    london, Action

  • Dandy dressed in Blood

    by KANEnki

    For Julius, the old vampire of a thousand years, It had to be all that simple: to arrive in London, win the auction and bring to his lover Maverick th...

    london, Horror

  • Cthulhu Chronicles ENG

    by Shafry

    London, 1889. Three strangers, a mechanic, an illusionist and a psychiatrist, have to face mysterious events, fanatic cultists and strange creatures a...

    london, Horror

  • SomeWhere On...

    by writerkid101

    [ A VERY Slow-Burn, Long Distance LGBT+ Romance ] The gay bars in London are busy, and Tommy's only goal is to pick up that cute guy at the bar. Exce...

    london, BL, Romance, Slice of life

  • (ARCHIVE) Three Times a Charm

    by Rotenkehl

    University life makes you resort to the most desperate measures. One of these is living with two strangers in one flat to share costs. "Can any of th...

    london, Romance

  • Overwatch - Fan Manga

    by Volideen

    A short fan project i did a while ago based on Blizzard's Entertainment Overwatch franchise.

    london, Gaming

  • Sire

    by Alexis Royce

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sherlock Holmes. The Phantom of the Opera. A lit nerd and her antisocial alternate persona learn that classic fictional stori...

    london, Horror

  • Allotransplantation

    by Yoru Akuma

    When Lucian Ravensdale's beloved fiancee passed away, his life lost all meaning. However, instead of waiting for his own death to join her, he embarke...

    london, Horror

  • Purifier Comic

    by Alex Steacy

    Diselpunk alt-history tale of plague epidemic in 1930s London

    london, Horror

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