• bear x kitty komiks

    by bedmoss

    based on a true story of two twenty-somethings, Baloo and Dani, in a long-distance relationship, trying to get their shit together while staying toget...

    long_distance, Slice of life

  • Long Distance Relationship

    by LxD

    The episode presented here represent the story of two people who never considered living a distance relationship. Neither they thought of falling in l...

    long_distance, Romance

  • Distant

    by lil muds

    *Read Newest Update* --- August wants to meet Prince Charming & Rhys lives thousands of miles away - - - shorts about an unconventional hopeless r...

    long_distance, Romance

  • Long Distance Relationship? Na'ah

    by radenfelix

    Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. They are full of meaningless arguments...

    long_distance_relationships, Slice of life

  • Not So Long Distance

    by Bunny

    A comic where I post little things that happen with my boyfriend and I

    long_distance, Slice of life

  • Til Next Time

    by SalemLeDuck

    A story based on a long distance relationship that two of my close friends have. I found it cute and wanted to document it.

    long_distance_relationship, Slice of life

  • La peau du lait [ENG ONESHOT]

    by Neicha

    My 2018 entry to the 24h comic challenge. A story about long distance relationships. Translated from french. I chose to do 16 pages instead of 22 du...

    long_distance_relationships, Romance

  • Cutiepatoots

    by MinaTheAngel

    A cute life of a cartoonist and their cute partner <3

    long_distance_relationship, Slice of life

  • call me Mickey

    by RaptorJules

    'call me Mickey' is a coming of age story about an 18 year old boy named Miguel Martinez, and the road to figuring out and accepting himself after he ...

    long_distance, BL

  • Worlds Away

    by Four Eyes

    Two guys who met online, discus how they want to come out to their parents, and the struggles of hiding their preferences. They end up falling in love...

    long_distance, Romance

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