• The Accidental Prince

    by KR Wright

    Prince Leander Richard Dorian Mediean has made a huge error. Due to an ancient law and an arrogant turn of phrase, he has accidentally given up his cl...

    lovestory, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Hom[m]E

    by Voize

    [slight BL content] Trigger-Warnings: depression/anxiety/PTSD Issues homelesss, hopeless and only sweet 20 years old. That's Akito, having a real t...

    lovestory, Romance, BL, Drama

  • The Love Sick Diaries

    by Squabledee

    This story chronicles the love connection between Matthew and Dylan, two boys who have fallen for each other during their time at Carmelo Academy. Mat...

    lovestory, BL

  • A Definition Of Loneliness

    by Delisis

    A comic about two boys, dealing with very different problems, who unwillingly bond with each other. . . (More in depth:) Iven's parents work at a...

    lovestory, BL

  • Jubes Comic Blog

    by Jubes

    Illustrated form of my Slice of Life and Discovering what Love really means to me. Life is filled with thoughts and gestures of love but sometimes w...

    lovestory, Slice of life

  • Paranoia

    by Wiiolis

    Ryan is a graphic designer and artist. Talking with people and being social is a big deal for him. But one day he meets him.

    lovestory, Romance

  • The shades of the soul

    by AbsolutelyNotSharon

    GENRE: DRAMA/ROMANCE/SUPERNATURAL In a world where the shades of your soul are visible through a gem on your neck, Adrian is one of the luckiest: opt...

    lovestory, BL, Drama, Fantasy


    by WANTED

    Bryan suffers from depression. His whole life he was searching for a way to gain happiness, but the only thing he found out was that his depression a...

    lovestory, BL

  • framed

    by akichiart

    [Update every 5th, 15th and 25th] When Aiko moves back to his hometown, he meets a boy called Jason. But the more he gets to know him, the more he ...

    lovestory, Romance, BL, Drama

  • magic hearts

    by neleangela

    love sick kids in a magic school. (BL&GL)

    lovestory, BL

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