• The Firelight Isle

    by Paul Duffield

    A tale of coming of age and cultural discovery in a civilisation guarded by a mysterious religion. Sen and Anlil are childhood friends about to be par...

    low_fantasy, Drama, Fantasy

  • Secunda

    by Joanne Kwan

    [Complete] A young woman becomes the unlikely host to a monstrous skull and now must adapt to her strange new partner. But their new bond is tested by...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Rephaim

    by Brepai

    UPDATES FRIDAY Andy is a simple guy whose simple life was ruined when he was murdered by an undead monster. Instead of dying, he finds himself mak...

    low_fantasy, Horror, Fantasy

  • Vee

    by KR Wright

    Levi is non-binary, loves pastel shades and wears their heart on their sleeve. Vee is a committed antifascist, a punk and barely says more than five w...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • The Witch's Grove

    by ruthie

    "Beware the Witch in the woods." A long time ago, Louis swore he would never go near the Witch's grove. One frigid spring night, he broke that prom...

    low_fantasy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • CodeX

    by RedTaiga

    >>READ LEFT TO RIGHT>> Arthimus is a strong and bold guy, raised in a fictitious Imperial Rome. He will start a journey to shed light on uproarious e...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Jarzebiny

    by Jarzebiny

    Vezva's mother made a deal with the black-eyed god. Her child in return for the life of her dead beloved. But at the last minute, she changed her mind...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Kingdom Come

    by Emily Hann

    Prince Gil was cursed as an infant, and now that he's 19, about to take over his kingdom, the curse has become a big problem for him and everyone arou...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy

  • The Truth About Goblins

    by TheMirandaChick

    Anny’s parents are dead. In an instant, she is left alone, forced to face an impossible question that has shadowed her existence since she was a child...

    low_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Jackal's Dance

    by ScarletDemon

    There was a man...he's running...Wait, he's...covered in broken chains, there's a muzzle around his face too. He...doesn't remember anything...for the...

    low_fantasy, BL, Action, Romance

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