• Low Quality Comix

    by Aidan with an A

    From May 25th, 2016 to November 29th 2016, one of the greatest comic series of all time was birthed. Read "Low Quality Comix" and find out for yoursel...

    low_quality, Comedy

  • Larry's Comics

    by NovaSim

    Those are the adventures of Larry the stickman and his "friends". Many things happen to them which may be funny, strange or total chaos. Join Larry in...

    low_quality, Comedy

  • Horse Life 98

    by J. P. Savard

    An absurd series featuring a horse named Yuki who transformed into an anime girl after having smoked a bit too much weed. It's absurd.

    low_quality, Comedy

  • Doodle Dudes

    by GalaxyVomit

    hecc, just a bunch of shorts don't expect anything of actual quality

    low_quality, Comedy