• Lucid

    by Alexくん

    He's always wanted balance. Balance between those who get a "Happily Ever After" and those who are "The Big Bad Wolf" But is there a cost? When ...

    lucid_dreaming, Fantasy

  • Supernova

    by maudlin may

    Three rival exploration teams are on a mission to map out and conquer as much of the Dream World as possible. No more uncharted territory, no more sec...

    lucid_dreaming, Fantasy

  • Lucid Discord

    by Kay Quartz

    After a strange dream, a mark of an eye was left on Issac's chest. Not long after, he meets Eris, an eerie,pink-haired guy who seems to have some inte...

    lucid_dreaming, Science fiction

  • Dreamflow

    by Alvaro Benavides

    Ever wonder how it'd be to control your dreams? Well, be careful... there's more than one danger lurking in the shadows of the dreams realm... Te...

    lucid_dreaming, Mystery, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Lost Conscious

    by BadStripes

    Year 3045, the game industry has come to the point of letting you control your dreams (or Lucid Dreaming). It is tough to explain how it works, but we...

    lucid_dreaming, Fantasy, Action